Vegetation Management

VE Group’s Site Prep Tractors are designed to tackle a variety of commercial and residential land management projects.

Our Site Prep Tractors have multiple capabilities to cut and mulch heavy-mixed brush up to a width of 2.5m and diameter of 406mm. Environmentally friendly the remaining waste product-mulch is spread across the ground locking in moisture, assisting with erosion control and minimising washouts.


Site Prep

Various Land Management Applications

  • Leucaena slashing
  • Site Cleaning 
  • Road side clearing 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Firebreaks 
  • Plantation Reclamation 
  • Flood control and management 
  • Asset management: Power Line, Oil & Gas Easements



The Leucaena Slashing unit supplied by the VE Group proved to be very cost effective and robust when used on our Leucaena Paddocks over the last few years I have no hesitation in recommending this machine to other producers.


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