About Us

Our ‘Can Do’
attitude has
brought us a
long way

At VE Group, we’re a proud independent business with great future in front of us. We’ve confidently grown over the past 15 years to become one of Australia’s leading earthmoving, civil construction and logistics specialists.

Our origins are originally from the country, but our future is taking on a mixture of projects across high-density urban environments and regional and remote works.

With depots located in Central Qld, South East Qld and Northern New South Wales our business is able to continue to offer services to wider locations. Our South East QLD depot is focused on showcasing a wide range of our products such as sandstone and landscaping supplies. This depot caters for a vast range of clientele capturing all types of projects ranging from residential to large commercial requirements.

Whilst our business continues to thrive in the South East, our Central QLD depot is continuing to offer the high-quality services that our customers have grown to expect, whilst meeting the requirements of Local Government, Mining & Gas sectors and our local community.

We put our people in the best possible position to succeed by making sure they have state-of-the-art equipment to work with and every technology and human resource support from our administration base.

We’re fiercely independent and protective of our operators – we appreciate the work they do for us and we’re incredibly proud of their performance.

We seek innovative solutions on every job and we’re only too happy to share our insights and wealth of experience and expertise.

Setting our
people up for


The Values we work by

We have each others back
We believe in team playing and 100% support.
We make it
Through our drive and determination, we make things happen. We don’t wait for others to take action. We believe in being proactive and leading from the front.
We believe in
We are kind, thoughtful and understanding of each other. We respect the views of others above all else.
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