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At VE Group AU our philosophy has always been ‘Don’t tell us something can’t be done – because we’ll be the first people to prove you wrong.’

With every client partnership, we achieve the highest work standards whilst ensuring maximum efficiencies and the safety of our team.

Across the board VE Group has installed The Fleet Office, FleetTrack Telematics, FleetMaint and FleetStart state of the art technology in all our equipment to help us manage and track our growing fleet of approximately 50 units; consisting of trucks and earthmoving equipment situated between Central Queensland, Brisbane and surrounding areas and New South Wales.

This equipment improves the tracking accuracy and maintenance across our entire fleet across the full spectrum of operational requirements.

our Operations

For our clients this technology offers enormous benefits and certainty when it comes to fulfilling our contractual obligations. Our clients can expect significant accuracy and improvements across the following areas;

  • The accuracy of the data recorded by the Team
  • The comparison between engine hours/timesheet hours/billable hours
  • If and when vehicles are being used in the correct application and on the correct site
  • Less downtime because correct service levels are being maintained
  • Confirmation of appropriate driver conduct on the road.

The relationship between VE Group AU and The Fleet Office has proved to be a winning combination for our clients – saving them time and money whilst creating significant efficiencies across every stage of the project lifecycle.

technology interface
Our easy to use prestart capture tool gets us off to a great start every day
Improves our drivers’ safety, efficiency and productivity
technology at work
Helps us stay on top of our preventative maintenance and repairs meaning less downtime
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